Posted by Korin Law | 08.17.17 12:27pm

Miami is known as one of the unique places to live in the world. With the beautiful year-round tropical weather, a multi-cultural international flavor along with an unlimited amount of attractions and entertainment options, few cities offer more. But no city is without its share of problems. Among the most serious is property theft. Each day, countless Miami homeowners become the victims of theft. It can leave anyone feeling violated. But it becomes even worse when theft claim is underpaid or denied by the insurance company. But there are ways to increase your chances to receive the maximum compensation needed to account for lost personal items.

The Scary Reality of Property Theft in Miami

The statistics are alarming. Most people never expect to become the victims of a burglary or home invasion. Unfortunately, it happens far too often across South Florida. According to the FBI, a home is burglarized every 14.6 seconds in South Florida. Because many of your valuable items could be lost forever, it is vital to file a complete and thorough theft claims to account for your losses. Here are some helpful tips.

Expect The Unexpected

When filing a property theft claim it is important to be as detailed and meticulous as possible. It is vital to document all of your purchases. Whenever you purchase an item of significant value, make sure to save the receipt. Saving your receipts makes it much easier for the police and insurance adjuster to properly verify your losses. Also, make sure to include any photos or video of any stolen items. It also allows the insurance company to file your claim faster.

Prepare a Complete Inventory

The organization is the key to filing a theft claim. Prepare a complete inventory of any lost or stolen items. Make sure to list the value of each item. Be as specific as possible by listing model and serial numbers. Group each item by category, value and which room in your home. Coverage C Insurance includes the following categories:

  • Collectibles, jewelry, art and other valuable items
  • Computers, laptops, television sets, gaming systems and other electronics
  • Knives, guns, and other weapons.
  • Ovens, ranges, refrigerators and all major appliances
  • Christmas decorations, seasonal decor, sports equipment, tools and rarely used equipment

Make sure to submit copies of the inventory to both the police and the insurance company. Keep in mind the insurance company will want as much information as possible for each item. Include where the item was bought, the brand and model number.

Has Your Theft Claim Been Underpaid or Denied? A Miami Claims Insurance Lawyer Can Help

We all depend on our insurance companies to come through when we need them the most. Unfortunately, not every insurance company provides the settlement policyholders deserve. If you or someone you know has a theft claim underpaid or denied by the insurance company, it is vital to contact a Miami insurance lawyer with a track record of protecting the rights of each client and looking after their best interests. Attorney Jonathan Korin understands the frustration many homeowners have when dealing with their insurance company. He and the legal team at Korin Law, P.A. are committed to helping clients recover the right compensation. To learn more, contact their Miami law office and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.