Posted by Korin Law | 02.17.18 09:33am

Any damage to your property can be very stressful. And it’s not only because recovering from damage entails months – if not years – of back and forth between you and your insurance company, but also because the costs involved in repairing your property from fire damage can reach thousands of dollars.

When it comes to recovering from fire damage, who do you trust? Certainly not your insurance company. Let us explain. When your home has been damaged and you carry a home insurance coverage, it may seem reasonable to go straight to your insurer to file a fire damage claim and seek compensation.

But doing so could make it IMPOSSIBLE to bring your home back to its original state. Hear us out: unless you’re legally represented by a Miami property damage attorney, don’t expect your insurance company to evaluate the FULL extent of the loss incurred in fire damage.

Do NOT call your insurance company

As you can only imagine, the cost of recovering from fire damage in Miami or elsewhere in Florida can range from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more.

And then there are always the out-of-pocket expenses that a homeowner whose property has been damaged – or destroyed, for that matter – by fire and smoke pays for fire damage recovery.

Statistics show that homeowners who choose to NOT be represented by a property damage attorney in Miami fail to get their insurance company to compensate for even half of the amount of loss incurred in the fire.

And here’s the kicker: an insurance company never, NEVER helps its policyholders estimate the full value of damages fairly and honestly. Through a combination of dishonest and illegal insurance claim practices, insurers and their adjusters end up paying their policyholders much less than they truly deserve.

This is something we’ve seen here in Miami and all across Florida on numerous occasions.

How to evaluate property damage?

Our Miami property damage attorneys at Korin Law, P.A. explain that the amount of your fire damage claim will depend on the type of fire and the extent of losses caused by that fire.

There can be two types of fires in homes: simple fires and complex fires. Simple fires are less common in Miami and burn pure fuels to produce complete combustion. Complex fires, on the other hand, are more aggressive and run on complex fuels. Complex fires produce incomplete combustion.

It does not just fire damage that impacts the cost of your fire damage claim, but also the type of smoke damage. When looking at the full value of your damages, our evaluators will work in cooperation with our lawyers to estimate restoration costs based on both fire and smoke damage.

The cost of recovering from fire damage also largely depends on the amount of water that was used to put out the fire. That’s because water used to eliminate home fire often leads to further damage, which is why it’s vital to start restoring your property as soon as possible to prevent water damage.

Unfortunately, insurance companies have no interest in providing you with financial compensation for your damages in a timely manner. Instead, they will sit on your claim for months on end, delaying their investigation, evaluation and not returning your calls.

And without a Miami property damage lawyer, there’s little you can do. Here at Korin Law, P.A., we work hard to ensure that you get the monetary compensation for your property damage that you truly deserve and as soon as possible.

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