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If your property has been damaged through fire and your insurance company was wrongfully denied fire damage claims, Orlando Fire Damage Insurance Claims Attorney at Korin Law, P.A will fight insurance companies to make sure you’re getting the proper claim payment.
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NFIRS data for 2014 shows 47.6 injuries were sustained per 1000 homes set ablaze for numerous reasons. Being a peninsula, one identifies Florida as one mired in hurricanes and tropical storms; however, heat can cause fires as can faulty wiring, arsons and other inexcusable reasons. When home owners look to file claims against their home owner’s insurance policy, they shouldn’t be heckled.

Fires are already expensive on homeowners, so Korin Law, P.A makes sure insurers are paying claims so structures can be rebuilt. Public adjusters can also work in tandem with our Orlando fire damage insurance claims attorney to assure accuracy in damage estimations. Once this tragic episode is behind home owners, they’ll feel much better – especially if their claim isn’t given the runaround.

Put Professionals on Your Claim

Fire damaged homes could cost millions to average homes, depending on what possessions were burned and deemed unrecoverable. Memorabilia, jewelry, heirlooms and other items of value can easily burn along with structures in fires. The importance of accurate claims processing goes without saying, especially if you’re mortgaging your home. Our firm knows that time is important, too.

Insurance companies have the unfortunate position of being difficult negotiators. They’ll underpay your claims based on what actual losses they perceive you endured, not what it’ll actually cost to repair the home ravaged by fires. But Johnathan Korin, a Harvard Law School graduate, knows these games. Utilizing his numerous outside resources and knowledge of insurance laws and procedures, many claims that wouldn’t have been paid properly were correctly funded. Home owners trust Johnathan and his team because of the tremendous effort put into every claim.

Working hard to make house payments and accessorize homes, property owners shouldn’t have to get railroaded when it’s time to file any insurance claim, let alone one that devastates their property. That’s what our firm believes, too. Unless property owners deliberately set their homes on fire, there’s no reason why claims should be denied or improperly paid.

Whether it was wiring-related, an accident based off malfunctioning heaters or something that’s completely innocent, our Orlando fire damage insurance claims attorney will fight tooth and nail to make insurers pay. If they refuse, courtroom litigation is always an option we’ll explore.

Don’t Get Burned Twice

Policyholders like yourself hope nothing ever forces your family to file claims related to fire damage. Disasters often don’t announce their entrance into our lives, but when they do, devastation is imminent. Fires can happen from the smallest of electrical wiring issues like tipped breakers, to some freakish gas line explosion. Whatever happened, insurers should give home owners fair treatment, but don’t.

Experience and dedication. That’s what Korin Law, P.A offers individuals who submit fire damage claims. If you’ve not hired an adjuster to review your damage, we’ll point you in the right direction there. Also, we’ll not take any money until you’ve settled your claim.

Get started on the road toward fixing your fire damaged home by contacting an educated Orlando fire damage insurance claims attorney from our firm today.