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If your home suffered hurricane damage, and your insurance company isn't paying the full value of your hurricane insurance claim, contact Korin Law, P.A immediately for an evaluation of damages and claims. Our an Orlando hurricanes insurance claims attorney aboard may force insurers to provide homeowners full compensation for losses.
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Since 1851, Florida has been battered by 117 hurricanes, far outpacing Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana. Damage around major cities has easily reached billions, if not trillions, since recording of major storm systems started 167 years ago. Homes damaged in these devastating storms are nearly irreparable, forcing many families to either rebuild, or find higher ground. Insurance companies are supposed to pay claims exclusive of what help FEMA provides, but often deny payment without justification.

Bringing an Orlando hurricanes insurance claims attorney aboard may force insurers to provide homeowners full compensation for losses. In certain cases, if the insurer’s rejection caused further damage to those displaced by hurricanes, additional compensation could be available. Korin Law, P.A provides exceptional legal representation to families traumatized by these powerful storm systems.

Hurricane Winds Destroy Homes

To be considered hurricanes, wind speed must amass 74 mph at minimum, which puts the storm system at Category 1. The highest, Category 5 storms, have minimum wind speeds of 156 mph. Since statistics have been recorded, Orlando has endured 12 hurricanes, with one reaching Category 3 (1960, Hurricane Donna). If regular storms can damage homes, imagine the level of destruction Category 1 storms are capable of.

Homes are easily damaged at minimal hurricane levels. Roofs can tear off, siding can rip away from plywood, objects from homes blocks away can be tossed forcefully through windows. Our firm has represented families with homes completely leveled, majorly damaged, and every situation in between. If that devastation isn’t enough, insurance companies denying claims is like getting punched twice.

With a qualified Orlando hurricanes insurance claims attorney working your claim, victims will have an opportunity to rebuild their lives despite the destruction hurricane winds left in their wake. Insurers must honor their contracts with policyholders, which includes paying claims within reasonable amounts of time, and pay them in full. Hurricanes are considered ‘Acts of God’, which doesn’t discount an insurance company’s responsibility to make displaced families whole again.

Johnathan Korin and his experienced team fight for homeowners when insurance companies give victims of hurricanes the runaround. Not only will victims receive high-quality representation, but claims filed with insurers can be taken to court to demand fair payment if necessary.

Contact Our Hurricane Firm

If your home was completely leveled by a massive hurricane system, you’ll either reside in FEMA or Salvation Army shelters, or with other family and friends. Rebuilding your home, or waiting for insurer to honor your claim so you’re able to move elsewhere, may take time. Persistence may lessen the time it takes to get claims honored, because that’s what your Orlando hurricanes insurance claims attorney should do – stay on top of claims.

Korin Law, P.A. understands and sympathizes with homeowners forced to endure this tragedy. Our reputation for getting results precedes itself, and we’ll fight to make insurance companies fully honor your claim.

If your home sustained major hurricane damage, or is completely leveled, contact our firm immediately for an evaluation of damages and claims. We’ll help put your home, and life, back to normal together.