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At The Korin Law, P.A, our an Orlando mold insurance claim attorney represent homeowners and apartment and condominium tenants in mold damage claims. If you have any difficulty getting your mold damage claim, please contact our law firm today and schedule free initial consultant.
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Water damage not only brings about problems with paint and roofs, but mold also forms where excessive moisture and water reside. When thunderstorms or hurricanes hit, houses are a primary target moisture damage which quickly turns into mold spores. Once mold forms, it spreads throughout the house rather quickly, which means full mediation may be necessary.

Insurance companies that refuse to honor claims for mold issues aren’t kind sometimes. Homeowners with policies in good standing should contact Orlando mold insurance claims attorney immediately so claims can get processed faster, allowing you to remove mold out of your house. Korin Law, P.A provides exceptional legal representation for those wrongly denied payment for problems.

Mold Grows Fast. We Work Faster.

The regularity of mold growth during hot summer months wreaks havoc on your allergies, your house and most of all – financial accounts. Moisture, or quite possibly condensation, residing on the interior parts of windows causes major fungal epidemics, damaging the wood and interior walls if not contained relatively quickly. Some mold is toxic to breathe, while others simply make your house smell terrible.

Mold remediation companies exist to safely contained and remove mold from structures. This often means drywall and insulation must go, but in certain cases even studs must be removed and replaced. With a completely gutted room free of mold, now the issue becomes remodeling. These expenses can grow rather rapidly, but if insurance claims are paid promptly, funding can come from those proceeds.

Working closely with an educated Orlando mold insurance claims attorney allows homeowners peace of mind knowing insurance companies will be scrutinized and questioned until claims are paid. Lead attorney Johnathan Korin understands how significant mold damage can destroy homes quick, is why him and his team work quickly to settle claims.

Roof and pipe leaks are also breeding grounds for mold growth. If you experience uncontrollable sneezing, irritated skin, have issues breathing or have itchy eyes several days after a storm, your home may be under attack by mold. The longer insurance companies holdout paying you, the more likely significant internal damage will occur. Let our team intervene to expedite the process.

Discover Mold? Contact Korin Law Today.

Upon discovery of mold, notifying your insurance agent should be the first step. Take as many pictures as possible of the mold damage, inventory any clothing or other personal effects significantly damaged. Remove any additional property you cherish to avoid further damage. Once you’ve made your claim, contact our office immediately to go over next steps.

It’s difficult to fathom an insurance company would want their policyholders to dwell in a mold-ridden home. But they do.

With our Orlando mold insurance claims attorney working your case, homeowners have a fighting chance to get their claim fully paid, not underpaid or denied. Scheduling a free consultation with Korin Law, P.A cost nothing, and we’ll go over the entire process of retaining our services in your meeting with us. Don’t let mold dash your hopes of having a beautiful Florida home. Contact us today.