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Do you need a public adjuster to represent you in a property claim? An Orlando public adjuster insurance claims attorney with experience, integrity, and knowledge of public adjusters reports can be retained at Korin Law, P.A with one phone call.
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Should your home succumb to fire, flood, hurricane or mold damage, you’ll have an immediate interest in getting repair work done. The smallest amounts of damage can cost thousands, but when left unfixed, may hit five-figures or more. Public adjusters have an important role in getting damages assessed and reporting their findings, but is your hard-earned money working equally hard when given to these adjusters?

When you’ve hired adjustment services, but you need something more, bringing a proficient Orlando public adjusters insurance claims attorney into your world and watch public adjusting reach another level. Korin Law, P.A., a dynamic firm featuring Johnathan Korin and his expert team, can send their own public adjuster with flexibility in services provided.

What Exactly Do Public Adjusters Do?

‘Adjusting’, as the name implies, involves taking home owner’s damage assessments and making adjustments accordingly. For example, public adjusters will thoroughly inspect storm damage and determine what repairs would cost, then adjust their figures on home owner’s claim. Once their reports are submitted to insurer, claims are processed based on perceived cost to renovate home to its pre-damaged state. Adjusters paint a clear picture for those who can’t see damage themselves, like insurers.

Some adjusters work directly for insurers, which doesn’t always bode well for homeowners. Even some independent adjusters working for homeowners aren’t ‘ethical’ in their assessment, which means victims of massive damage just paid an adjuster for nothing. So, here comes Korin Law, P.A.

Our firm provides an expert Orlando public adjusters insurance claims attorney to litigate claims, and our own adjuster with decades of experience dealing with policyholders wanting fair compensation. Not only will our expert adjust claims, they’ll:

  • File all claims on behalf of policyholders
  • Negotiate settlements based on overwhelming evidence produced in reports
  • Itemize your losses into one easy to understand inventory list
  • Bring aboard outside experts to substantiate their report
  • Photograph everything so insurers can see clear danger and immediate renovation exists
  • Read and articulate homeowner’s policy and explain anything not understood

Victims get an aggressive law firm, and adjuster that actually works hard, and access to our dedicated team working tirelessly to assure claims get fully paid. That’s the Korin Law Difference.

Get Adjustments Done Right

Errors in public adjuster’s evaluation can harm policyholders, costing time and compensation needed to make necessary repairs. When homes are completely leveled, families may simply want to pay off mortgages and move on somewhere else. Accurate and timely payment depends on the adjuster’s reporting, so you’ll want professionals that understand the process and can work faster without sacrificing accuracy.

An Orlando public adjusters insurance claims attorney with experience, integrity and knowledge of public adjusters’ reports can be retain at Korin Law, P.A with one phone call. If you’ve hired an adjuster and they simply didn’t have your interests at heart, or if they submitted error-filled reports, let our team handle matters moving forward.

Consultations with Johnathan Korin and his team cost nothing. Let’s show you how proper adjusting and legal representation can propel homeowner’s claims toward the finish line quicker.