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If you have a roof leaks insurance claim and your insurance company was wrongfully denied or underpaid or you need assistance with the filing of your roof leak insurance claim, Contact Orlando Roof Leaks Insurance Claims Attorney at Korin Law, P.A with one phone call.
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Between Florida’s harsh heat, torrential rains and heavy winds gusting throughout any given day, roof damage is almost guaranteed, even if it’s so small it cannot be seen from a distance. Regardless of size, roof damage can cause leaky roofs that can worsen into mold and damages. Once there is damage, homeowners will file a claim against their insurance company, but sometimes that doesn’t work out.

Policyholders have the right to get damage paid for by their insurer, so hiring an experienced Orlando roof leaks insurance claims attorney may be the only recourse for getting compensation for damages. Roof repairs can get costly, especially if damage gets below the shingles and decking. Ceilings can easily collapse after holding massive amounts of water for extended periods of time.

Public Adjusters Can Help…

It’s the public adjusters job to assess damages on behalf of policyholders. They’ll get hired to come into a home with an obvious roof problem, investigate the source, determine how much construction may cost to repair this roof, then give their final written estimate to the homeowner, who submits their findings to the insurance company. While these reports are great, they still don’t guarantee compensation.

Once homeowners are finished with the public adjuster, and the insurance companies still denies their claim, Korin Law P.A can take the claims process over and file court action against insurance company for breach of duty or whatever applicable laws apply to insurance companies for failure to honor their contract with homeowner. With an educated Orlando roof leaks insurance claims attorney working home damage claims, odds are much greater settlements can be reached within a reasonable amount of time.

It’s always a great idea to get an outside opinion from professionals like public adjusters. Their reports are helpful in getting damage estimates properly put on paper for insurance companies to view. However, their reports cannot guarantee roof leak damage will be compensated by an insurer. Having legal counsel protecting your interests significantly increases the likelihood you’ll get 100% compensation.

Taking pictures and documenting date and time first incident occurred are also vital steps in the claims process, although public adjusters may also take pictures themselves.

Roof Leaking? Contact Our Firm.

Whether negligent contractors or acts of mother nature cause your roof damage, time may be limited in getting your claim submitted for insurer’s review. If this is the first time you’ve ever dealt with an insurance company, we’re here to tell you it’s not fun. The thousands in insurance premiums you pay annually will suddenly mean nothing when it’s time to ask an insurer to honor your claim.

Johnathan Korin and his team work around the clock with many outside resources to make sure your claims filing process goes smoothly. The Orlando roof leaks insurance claims attorney working on your case will maintain communication with each client, and will negotiate the best possible insurance company settlement based on your claim.

Before your roof leak spirals out of control, contact our firm for a no-cost claim analysis.