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If you are the victim of theft and are looking for an Orlando theft insurance claims attorney. Contact Johnathan Korin and his team at Korin Law P.A to approach each theft claim seriously, comprehensively and with an elevated level of skill.
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In 2016, Orlando homes were burglarized 3,637 times. Chances are good it happen to your neighbor, and it’s probably the nightmare your living right now if you’re looking for an Orlando theft insurance claims attorney. Each year, Florida homes and vehicles are burglarized tens of thousands of times, many happening to good hard-working folks like you. Those with home and auto insurance looking to file a claim have come to the right place.

Korin Law, P.A is knowledgeable, aggressive yet compassionate toward homeowners like you. With extensive experience dealing with home and auto insurers, along with local law enforcement, claims are filed and paid much smoother than if homeowners filed the claim themselves. Johnathan Korin and his team approach each theft claim seriously, comprehensively and with an elevated level of skill.

Theft Claim Process in Florida

One disturbing trend in the insurance industry involves claims processing and payment. Theft insurance claims go through several steps before being filed and, despite containing irrefutable evidence of theft, insurers are quick to discredit homeowners or deny payment. Before contacting Korin Law, P.A, make sure you follow these steps:

  • Once you’ve discovered your home has been burglarized, contact local law enforcement immediately. If you’re scared someone may still be inside, wait until they arrive.
  • With police on scene, photograph damage to your doors and windows as these were probably entry points for the burglars. Same goes with vehicles parked on the home’s property.
  • Take an inventory of everything missing. Do not miss one item, and make sure law enforcement gets a copy of property list that’s been stolen or vandalized.
  • Once law enforcement has cleared the scene and questioned everyone, you should phone an Orlando theft insurance claims attorney like Korin Law, P.A prior to the insurance company. An attorney can help walk you through the claims filing process to ensure it’s done properly and paid on time.

Even following the steps judiciously can sometimes lead insurance companies to deny claims. Our law firm is fully prepared to pull insurance companies into court, so they may explain why an already aggrieved homeowner was denied their claim. Most settlements don’t go that far, but we prepare as if though they will.

Don’t Let Thieves Win. Contact Us.

It’s unfortunate so many homeowners go through burglary then get kicked around by insurance companies when it’s time to get their claim paid. You don’t have to let these thieves win. Retaining our services shows the insurance company and the thief – if known – that you mean business. Depending on your insurance company, property can be replaced identical to what was lost, or one year newer.

It takes the unparalleled level of legal expertise provided by our Orlando theft insurance claims attorney to make sure insurance companies are paying for your theft. You spend thousands a year paying premiums so matters like this would get covered. It’s a slap in the face when they don’t.

If you’ve been a victim of theft, and have reported the event to police, contact Korin Law, P.A. today.