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If your home has been devastated by water damage and your insurance company is denying your claim, Contact Korin Law, P.A, who puts a powerful ally to work on settling claims for homeowners aggrieved due to water damage. Please contact our law firm today and schedule free initial consultant.
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Florida is known for its torrential downpours and unreasonably harmful hurricane seasons. From these disasters come terrible damages to homes, and although they’re considered ‘Acts of God’, many homeowners in Florida have natural disaster riders in their insurance policy. Should an insurance company fail to pay claims in a timely matter, or deny it altogether, problems get worse.

Accurate and knowledgeable of Florida’s many water damage issues is Korin Law, P.A, a team of personal and business attorneys who know horrifying effects that water damage can have on multimillion dollar homes. Our Orlando water damage insurance claims attorney has extensive knowledge of the insurance claim process and fights for fair adjudication of claims submitted by homeowners.

How Water Damage Claims Get Paid

Apart from natural disasters, leaky pipes that were supposed to be fixed and insured by repair men, even roofs that were improperly installed, can cause significant amounts of mold to grow. Not only that, water damage is known to cause floors and walls to bow. The longer it’s left untreated, the greater the internal damage homeowners can expect. Without proper claims payment, it’s impossible to fix damage.

Johnathan Korin makes sure insurance claims aren’t underpaid, or are left unpaid. Him and his aggressive team understand the devastating effects water damage can have on homes, and works hard to make sure insurance companies hold their end of the bargain. They can help make sure water damages are properly investigated by a public adjuster so the full amount of your claim is paid.

Water damage begins ravaging homes, mold spores will immediately start growing due to Florida’s reasonably warm year-round temperatures. This mold growth can make homeowners sick, not to mention ruin drywall and framing lumber. An aggressive Orlando water damage insurance claims attorney will make sure the entire claims process is handled professionally.

It’s an insurance company’s job to either deny or underpay claims. That’s what they’ve been known for doing to consumer for years, and their deceptive practices will probably not end tomorrow. It’s Korin Law, P.A that steps in make sure homeowners are being fairly treated, whether that means bringing court action onto the insurance company or negotiating before court.

Contact Our Water Damage Team

Don’t make the mistake of accepting less than what your water damage repairs are worth. Many homeowners fail to get another opinion from a public adjuster, which causes their claim to be underpaid.This could mean significant out-of-pocket costs when it comes time to fix your roof and other structures that are damaged. You pay homeowners insurance for times like this – they need to pay up.

Consultations with our firm cost nothing. Having a professional Orlando water damage insurance claims attorney look over your claim before filing it or discussing it with a public adjuster can correct any errors that may be present. You’d rather not have claims denied without proper payment because of something clerical.

When water damage has dampened your spirits, and you need work done immediately, contact Korin Law, P.A and we’ll get claims started immediately.