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If your insurance claim for windstorm damage has been denied, Don’t settle for less than what your claim is worth. Wind Storm Insurance Claims Attorney at Korin Law, P.A. offers initial consultations free of cost to the homeowner.
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People outside of Florida mistakenly believe the only way wind damages homes is hurricanes. While these massive tropical storms are responsible for plenty of damage, thunderstorms and tornadoes account for significant home damage across Florida. Cleaning up and rebuilding after these catastrophic events is difficult enough, and insurance companies make matters worse by refusing to pay claims.

If your home succumbed to massive wind damage to your roof, siding, windows or garage, and your insurance claim wrongfully denied, retain one of the toughest attorneys in Orlando at Korin Law, P.A. Dedicated to helping homeowners get their legitimate claims paid on time, homeowners will find our Orlando wind storms insurance claims attorney expounds tremendous effort in fighting insurers on their behalf.

Blown Away by Greedy Insurers?

Powerful winds can easily tear entire roofs off homes, blow windows out, and toss heavy objects through windows without much effort. Residents can actually get seriously injured, if not killed, by high-powered winds that impale sturdy walls. Homes worth $400,000 can easily sustain half that value in damage, especially if expensive items inside the house are damaged during the process.

Florida limits the amount of time homeowners have to file claims against insurance companies. Once received, the claims department will review and either deny, fully pay or underpay based on what they perceive repair costs will amount to. Homeowners are encouraged to hire public adjusters who essentially work on behalf of the policyholder to make sure claims get paid. But even then, problems can still arise.

Teaming up with an educated Orlando wind storms insurance claims attorney will not only leverage an exceptional level of insurance knowledge in homeowner’s favor, but may actually be a difference maker in getting claims paid. A simple cost-benefit analysis will show that an attorney getting your claim fully paid is worth the investment, as opposed to going alone without counsel and having to accept a much lesser amount. Without full compensation, homeowners would have to pay out of pocket to repair wind damage.

Johnathan Korin, Harvard educated and well-versed in insurance law, understands the emotional and financial distress homeowners are going through when their home is damage by winds. Fighting insurers each day for homeowners just like you is what Jonathan and his team does best.

Get Wind Damage Claims Paid Right

Depending on the extent of damage, homeowners may be forced to make other living arrangements until their homes are repaired. This could be an added expense to an already expensive endeavor. Our team works with public adjusters, insurers and homeowners to make sure claims are paid properly. The quicker you receive your check, quicker you can begin vetting contractors to get your repairs done.

Don’t settle for less than what your claim is worth. Korin Law, P.A. offers initial consultations free of cost to the home owner. Should you elect us to litigate your claim, our fee structure will be clearly outlined with nothing hidden.

Wind damage claims is what an Orlando wind storms insurance claims attorney from our office does best.