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Property damage insurance is meant to protect property owners in case of an accident like a fire or hurricane. Insurance adjusters will visit the property after a claim has been made to give an estimate on how much the damage will cost to repair. As a property owner, you have faith that the insurance you pay for will cover your losses and damages. Come to find out the insurance company does not want to pay or quotes you for less than it will actually cost to repair the property. This is where a Miami property damage attorney can help. The attorneys at Korin Law, P.A. bring years of experience fighting for the rights of property owners.

Property damage to a home or business can be devastating and needs to be handled delicately. Damage to a home could displace the family for days, weeks and maybe months. The longer it takes for the insurance company to pay for the damages, the longer you will out of your home. A Miami property damage attorney can ensure the process runs smoothly and that if you must leave your home due to dangerous circumstances you can do so with the peace of mind that you will be back in your home safely.

Business property damage is detrimental to the finances of the owners and the employees. This is multiplied when you have to close the business during repairs. Minor damages can also affect the flow of customers who may be apprehensive to come in. At Korin Law, P.A we help property owners recover compensation for property damage related to:

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