A Pembroke Pines Insurance Lawyer Can Resolve Your Problem

It is a common problem for many homeowners throughout Pembroke Pines. Bubbling paint can ruin the beauty of your home and significantly lower the value of your property. To pay for these damages, homeowners depend on their insurance companies to provide fair compensation. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. In far too many instances insurance companies my underpay or even deny your insurance claim. Over the years, Hollywood insurance lawyer Jonathan Korin has successfully represented homeowners and helped recover the compensation needed to repair bubbling paint in Pembroke Pines.

Bubbling paint is one of the most common types of damages in South Florida. However, before you file an insurance claim, the damage to your home has to be caused by the following:

Fighting for the Insurance Settlement Hollywood Homeowners Deserve

Insurance companies do not provide compensation for simple wear and tear. You must prove your home’s paint damage was caused by a disaster. Yet, far too many Pembroke Pines homeowners are underpaid or have their insurance claims denied. As an experienced and knowledgeable insurance lawyer Jonathan Korin has witnessed just about every scenario. He utilizes his vast amount of legal resources to help clients resolve their insurance claims issues.

Common Problems with Homeowners Insurance Claims in Hollywood

Pembroke Pines is one of South Florida’s fastest growing cities and a great place to live. However, many homes have experienced paint damage due to water damage, fire and vandalism. The legal team at Korin Law, P.A. is committed to helping homeowners recover the insurance settlement they deserve. Pembroke Pines insurance attorney Jonathan Korin works diligently behind the scenes to help clients seek the best solutions.

  • Assessing Damage: Insurance companies have their own team of adjusters that assess property damage. Homeowners can also hire their own public adjuster. But when the insurance company and public adjuster cannot agree on damage costs, a Hollywood insurance attorney can negotiate on your behalf and resolve your issues without going to court.
  • Negotiating with Insurance Companies: An insurance lawyer can properly examine whether your insurance company is honoring its contract. Should there be any discrepancies, you may be entitled to a much larger settlement.
  • Assisting Public Adjusters: A public adjuster cannot take legal action against an insurance company. However, a homeowner’s insurance lawyer can assist and provide greater leverage in your case.

If your home has suffered bubbling paint damage due to a disaster, there is a good chance you have not received the proper amount of compensation for your claim. Most property owners are not familiar with Florida insurance law. The results are often underpaid and denied insurance settlements. Having an experienced claims insurance lawyer on your side places homeowner’s in the best position to succeed and recover the proper amount of compensation they deserve. To learn more on how a Pembroke Pines insurance lawyer can help resolve your dispute, contact Jonathan Korin at Korin Law, P.A. and schedule a free consultation today.