Recover the Settlement You Deserve!

There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing all of your valuable possessions to a house fire. Whether it is faulty wiring, a gas leak or even arson, the reasons bring little comfort to victims. When it comes time to pay for repairs and recover lost items, Fort Lauderdale homeowners depend on their insurance company to provide the appropriate compensation. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In some instances, insurance claims are underpaid and even denied. Fort Lauderdale insurance lawyer Jonathan Korin understands the pain, frustration and anger these situations can bring. That is why he utilizes an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help homeowners recover the money they deserve.

How a Fort Lauderdale Insurance Lawyer Can Help

Nobody expects to lose their home in a fire. When it happens, most people are unprepared. They simply assume their insurance company will provide the compensation needed to go on with their lives. All those years of paying your insurance premiums on time does not always equate to fairness. Insurance companies are no different than most businesses. Their goal is to make and save money. In far too many cases, it comes at the expense of the homeowner. As an experienced Fort Lauderdale insurance lawyer, Jonathan Korin has worked tirelessly to help clients resolve their insurance disputes and recover the proper compensation to cover their losses. Here is how a claims insurance lawyer can help:

  • Legal Expertise: A graduate of Harvard Law School, Korin brings significant experience and knowledge as an insurance attorney in Fort Lauderdale. Over the years, he has witnessed just about every scenario and has helped countless homeowners recover the compensation they deserve
  • Skillful Negotiation: Florida insurance law can be extremely complicated. Having an insurance lawyer on your side places clients in the best position to succeed. By utilizing his knowledge of the law and vast legal resources, Korin can provide skillful negotiation with insurance companies on behalf of his clients.
  • Legal Resources: Over the years, Korin has developed many contacts in the insurance industry, including public adjusters. When it comes to resolving fire damage claims in Fort Lauderdale, he utilizes each resource to help clients achieve the best results.

Why My Fire Damage Insurance Claim Was Denied?

Every homeowner needs insurance. Unfortunately, not every insurance company is always looking after the best interest of its policyholders. Here are some common reasons why many fire insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale are underpaid or denied.

  • Property damage was undervalued
  • Arson is suspected
  • Damage was not investigated in a timely manner
  • Violations of the insurance policy

Insurance companies may delay their payment if they believe arson or fraud was committed by the homeowner. If your fire damage insurance claim has been underpaid or denied, it is vital to seek representation from a Fort Lauderdale insurance attorney with a long track record of protecting the rights of clients and looking out for their best interests. To learn more, contact Jonathan Korin at Korin Law, P.A. and schedule a free consultation.